20 October 1973 – Series One (4)

Yakity Yak. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Episode four of the first series saw the panel of Noele Gordon, Clifford Davis and Mickie Most, again hosted by Derek Hobson, judge the content, style and presentation of six acts that were new to TV.

Performing in this episode were;

  • The Amazing Margoes (Mind-Reading Act)
  • Yakity Yak (Four-piece impression & comedy group) from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
  • Marc Reid (Vocalist) from Henley-in-Arden

Also on the show were also two further singers and a harmony trio but the actual names of these acts have been unfortunately lost among the hundreds of wiped episodes of many a programme from this era of television.

Mind readers, The Amazing Margoes, were a husband and wife act working their way around the clubs. They’d been in showbusiness for some years, making a comfortable living, but this one appearance on television changed all that. Although they didn’t win this heat their three minute spot was seen by various agents and bookers and they were offered eighteen months of continuous work at a greatly increased fee.  They were so grateful they even phoned producer Les Cocks to thank him and the show for all their help.

Heat winner Yakity Yak would appear again in the Grand Final on 29 December 1973.

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