23 November 1974 – Series Three (10)

Winter’s Tale

The judging panel for heat ten were Clifford Davis, George Elrick, John Smith and Ted Ray.

They cast their critical eye over the following seven new acts;

  • Julie Laird (singer)
  • Mike Jones (vocalist)
  • Jimmy Howard (comedian)
  • Pete Duffy (comedian)
  • Winter’s Tale (five-piece group)
  • Lee and Marie Grant (vocal duo)
  • The News Headlines (five-piece harmony group)

The winners were vocal duo Lee and Marie Grant who booked their place in the second All Winners Final on 4 January 1975.

Five-piece group Winter’s Tale got some great comments from the judges, but they failed score highly enough to make a repeat appearance.  The judges said;

  • ‘I like them’ – Clifford Davis
  • ‘Very nice harmonies’ – George Elrick
  • ‘Looked good, sounded good, very professional’- John Smith
  • ‘A lot better than many I have seen’ – Ted Ray

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