9 November 1974 – Series Three (8) – All Winners Final 1

19750320_TonyMaidenThe first ever All Winners Final in the new series format was hosted by former contestant and comedian Nicky Martyn.

The judging panel for the show was comprised of three regular judges, Ted Ray, George Elrick and Clifford Davis and they were joined on the panel by guest judge and normal show host Derek Hobson.

The acts returning for the first All Winners final performed in the following order;

  • Jess and the Gingerbread (country & western group) – Show 3.6
  • Susan Morris (opera singer) – Show 3.3
  • Les Dennis (impressionist) – Show 3.1
  • Victoria Wood (comedy songwriter) – Show 3.4
  • Johnnie Kennedy (comedian) – Show 3.2 (voted viewers winner)
  • Malandra Newman (female singer/comedy) – Show 3.7
  • Mint (group) – Show 3.2
  • Tony Maiden (impressionist) – Show 3.5

Nicky Martyn, hosting his first show managed to get the name of one of the contestants wrong when after Victoria Wood’s performance he called her Joanna Wood instead.

Les Dennis made his fourth appearance on the show having previously appeared in series one: show 10, series two: show 1 as well as his heat earlier in this series.  He couldn’t repeat his almost perfect score from his heat and finished in fourth place.

17 year-old impressionist Tony Maiden was the clear winner finishing 20 points ahead of second placed opera singer Susan Morris.  His prize for winning the first winners final was an appearance in the series Grand Final in July 1975.  Not fairing quite as well was young Malandra Newman who could not repeat her high scoring performance from the previous week and she finished in last place.

Full scores

  1. Tony Maiden – 350 points
  2. Susan Morris – 330 points
  3. Mint – 326 points
  4. Les Dennis –  321 points
  5. Jess and the Gingerbread – unknown points
  6. Victoria Wood – 297 points
  7. Johnnie Kennedy – 262 points
  8. Malandra Newman – 245 points
TV Times voting coupon for New Faces on 9 November 1974

Readers of the TV Times were also invited to cast their votes using the coupon that appeared in the magazine.




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